Window Well Covers

11Are you tired of cleaning out your egress wells?

Local Window Pros” has a solution for you “WINDOW WELL COVERS”.

 Window Well Covers are manufactured from impact resistant plastic. They will help improve basement insulation while keeping out rain, snow and debris.We have egress well covers that are specifically built to properly fit each style of egress well we offer. When you purchase from us, you don’t get one size fits all well covers.

 All of our covers can support 400 pound so if a child or adult would accidently step on the Well Cover they would not fall in.We have over 10 years experience in metal fabrication and impact resistant plastic and have been covering window wells.


  • Allows maximum ventilation and light
  • Strongest steel construction
  • Guaranteed Fit
  • Child and Pet Safe
  • Clear polycarbonate covers also available
  • Optional security chains
  • Custom built, professionally measured and installed

Our Window Well Covers are strong, attractive, light weight, and provide affordable protection for window wells and basement windows. Covers are available to fit all standard sized window wells and can be custom made to fit unique requirements.

 Your protection and security is our number one commitment. With a Cover Up window well cover, you’re not just protecting your home from rain and snow; you’re also keeping out debris, animals and potential burglars. Plus, a window well cover adds to the overall beauty of your home and providing extra “curb appeal” if you’re trying to sell your home.

 Our goal is to offer high quality products, while providing affordable prices and friendly service.By covering your window wells, you are keeping your children safe with peace of mind, adding security and curb appeal to your home.

 Heavy-duty steel provides years of safety and security on the outside of your home. These custom covers come in eight beautiful colors – powder coated to provide long-lasting durability and superior resistance to chipping and scratching.Terrific protection for pets and people, the grid pattern of the steel covers also allow for air circulation and filtered light. Locking chains are available for added security. Professionally measured, templated, and installed.

 We also offer prefabricated covers in both steel & plastic options, designed to fit certain standard size window wells. An economic option for a window well cover.  We can provide you; the homeowner, with the ability to easily protect your family and home from the hazards of open basement window wells without the need of purchasing custom window well covers.

Our adjustable aluminum basement window well grate will give you a custom fit without the custom price or wait.Contact us for more information at (480) 435-9731